Audit Consultant Services

Before making any big changes to or decisions about your business, it helps to understand and define where you’re positioned operationally and financially and how that might affect your plans moving forward. One of the most effective ways to comprehensively evaluate your business is with assistance from an audit consultant from Ignitus. An audit advisor will examine your business at every level, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses in everything from business operations to financial records, workplace incidents and more.

The Benefits that Come from Using a Third Party Audit Specialist

Hiring a third party audit specialist to run quality assurance checks over your business can be quite beneficial in a variety of ways.

These can include:

  • Independent, unbiased reporting − When the audit consultant is fully independent of the business and has no vested interests in the outcome, it’s safe to assume that their appraisal will be honest without any intentional skew to meet the needs of additional parties.
  • Increased exposure to multiple organisations with similar problems – Most audit advisors who provide quality assurance checks have done so across a vast range of organisations. They are then able to bring this knowledge to the audit of your organisation and provide you with the best ways to improve your operations and processes as learned from other organisations.
  • Trained professionals as your audit consultants – Every quality assurance specialist has been trained according to international standard ISO 19011:2018, meaning they audit according to the same exact standards in a way that removes traces of bias and impartiality.
  • Cost-effective – While some larger businesses have the means to employ a compliance specialist full time, many small to medium sized enterprises don’t have that luxury. By being able to hire an external auditor when necessary or on a periodical basis, you can maintain operational compliance in a more cost-effective way.

Discover What We Can Do For You

Having your business audited periodically by an assurance specialist helps you to keep on track of your position financially and operationally. Make an appointment today with an Ignitus audit consultant and accountant in the Melbourne CBD to see how we can help you.