Business Valuations from an Experienced Business Financial Advisor

At Ignitus, one of our core offerings is helping you understand what your business is worth. Should you choose to sell or expand your business, knowing its value is critical to getting the best out of the situation. An appointment with an Ignitus business financial advisor can put you in the right direction.

The equity you have in your operations is critical in your decision making. Unlike many other business valuers in Melbourne, Ignitus has expertise. Colin Linke has been an expert witness in the Family Court valuing businesses to assist in settling these complicated proceedings. His expertise spans over 15 years of business valuation engagements that have withstood numerous cross examinations, enabling clients to truly understand the real value of their business.

The Benefits of a Business Valuation

Having a specialist business financial advisor put your business through the process of valuation might feel daunting, however it can in fact offer a wealth of benefits that might breathe new life into the business. Among those benefits are:

Greater Awareness of Company Assets

Business valuers always want to attain an accurate valuation – after all, estimated figures do not help anyone. Therefore it’s always vital to get specific numbers so businesses can seek proper insurance coverage, have a better idea of how much to reinvest in the company, and how much they can realistically sell the company for and still make a profit.

Greater Comprehension of Company Resale Value

It’s crucial to know the true value of your company if you intend on selling it. When speaking to business valuers in Melbourne, most will recommend you commence the valuation process long before beginning the process of selling.

Puts You in a Better Position for Mergers or Acquisitions

Should you find yourself in a position where a major company may enquire about buying you out, you will need to be able to provide details about what the value of the company is as a whole; the asset withholdings, how it has grown up to this point, and how you imagine it will continue to grow. If a consultant has provided a detailed and accurate evaluation, this gives you the bargaining power to negotiate a more favourable price that benefits you.

Increases Your Network of Potential Investors

If you’re looking for new investors to either stimulate growth in the company or to save it from financial ruin, the new investor will want to see current financial records before committing to a decision one way or another. The ability to provide current, accurate information puts you in a greater position to earn the trust of the investor and gain more investors from the process.

Discover the Ignitus Difference When It Comes to Business Valuations

If you’re toying with the idea of making short or long term plans for your business, an appointment with a business financial advisor can open up a variety of ideas starting with a business valuation. Make an appointment with us in the Melbourne CBD today.