Investment Consultant

As a business continues to grow, they might decide to explore investment options that help to further grow their money. Many choose to invest that money, but there are numerous things to consider, from the length of investment to the level of risk and what exactly you’ll choose to invest in. An investment consultant from Ignitus can provide you with qualified assistance in exploring your investment options across a wide range of different areas, including shares, gold, oil and more. They’ll discuss your business goals and determine whether a short, medium or long term investment with a conservative or growth based level of risk best suits your needs. If you wish to speak to an Ignitus accountant or investment expert, contact us today.

The Importance of Due Diligence

Before any investment has been signed off, it’s vital that a licensed investment and valuation consultant ensure that due diligence has been carried out in order to make sure the investment is legal and above board. Due diligence involves the thorough investigation and auditing of a possible investment by the investor (or a consultant acting on their behalf) to determine whether the investment is above board and not fraudulent. The nature of due diligence often involves the review of financial records of the company potentially being invested in so all parties go into the transaction with their eyes fully open.

If you’d like to speak to a specialist advisor in the Melbourne CBD about investment options for your business, make an appointment with Ignitus today.