Government Grants Consultants

Did you know that if you’re creating a start-up business, you might be eligible for a number of government grants? State and federal government bodies have a number of initiatives in place whereby business start-ups can apply for grants that provide them with financial assistance for anything from marketing to innovation, equipment purchase, business creation and more. In fact, there are up to 50 possible financial subsidies across a vast range of industries ready to be applied for. If you’d like a slice of the pie for your business, there’s no better time than now to speak to one of the specialist government grants consultants at Ignitus.

Expert Service and Advice to Help Your Business

Located in Melbourne CBD, our accountant firm can provide valuable advice on how to find the most suitable grant program or subsidy for your business. As previously stated, there are more than 50 grants available across a vast range of fields and industries, including retail, manufacturing, communications, farming & agriculture, science, industrial and more. An Ignitus advisor can discuss the options that best align with the nature of your business. Together with your consultant, you will then put together an application to give you and your business the best chance of successfully receiving a grant.

Give Yourself the Best Chance at Success

Find the right grant with the trusted assistance of one of our experienced government grants consultants. Make an appointment with an Ignitus accountant today.