Non-Profit Accounting Services

If you’re a manager of a non-profit organisation who has had experience with profit-driven businesses in the past, you might know that the financial side of things must be accounted for a bit differently. Money still comes in and goes out just like any normal business, however the point is not to make large quantities of money, as the not-for-profit part of the name suggests. Paid employees will receive money, but other than that, any money typically goes back into the organisation rather than going to workers or shareholders. If you run a non-profit organisation such as a charity, sporting club or community group and need the expertise of an advisor or accountant to oversee any non-profit accounting services, make an appointment with Ignitus today.

Discover the Breadth of Ignitus’ Non-Profit Consulting Services

Ignitus is a Melbourne based non-profit organisation specialist providing essential accounting services for those needing extra assistance with financial matters. If you manage a local NFP organisation, we can assist you with non-profit accounting services such as:

  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Bookkeeping and payroll
  • Association Management
  • Consulting
  • Financial training and education
  • And more

We can even provide you with a virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO) service, whereby an Ignitus specialist can oversee and manage your finances without having to be given a wage or salary from the organisation itself. This means more money going back into the organisation to benefit its members.

Discuss Your Financial Situation with Us Today

If you’d like your non-profit organisation to maintain its financial standing without crossing any profit making lines, there’s no better time than now to seek the non-profit consulting services of Ignitus. Located in the Melbourne CBD, arrange a time for a meeting with us by phone or online today.