Property Investment Advisors

Looking for alternative ways to invest a sum of money, but don’t want to venture down the usual paths of shares and fixed term accounts? Why not consider investing in property? With interest rates at historic lows and the demand for rental properties experiencing unprecedented highs, there’s never been a better time to speak to the property investment advisors at Ignitus to discuss your options. Conveniently located in Melbourne CBD, make an appointment with a consultant today.

The Benefits of Property Investment

As any property investment consultant will tell you, there are numerous benefits to investing in the property market:

  • Property can often be less volatile than alternatives like shares
  • There’s the possibility of earning income from your rental property if a tenant moves in
  • Should the property increase in value, you’ll profit from a capital gain should you sell
  • Expenses incurred maintaining the property are tax deductible
  • No specialist knowledge of the property market is required on your part to invest

Why Choose Us As Your Property Investment Consultant?

Ignitus is committed to providing our valued clients in Melbourne with quality investment options as well as practical, workable strategies to maximise the benefits of their property investments. Whether you have a single property in your name or a bustling portfolio, every accountant and advisor at Ignitus aims to deliver the best possible solutions to make your investment work for you. To discuss your options with one of our property investment advisors, make an appointment with Ignitus today.